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Inspiration does exist, but it has to find you working.

-Pablo Picasso

Inspiration does exist, but it has to find you working.

-Pablo Picasso


It's about the process.

Quality products exist as the result of a complex process. A record of ideas, communication, strategy, artistry in marketing, dev, design & copy, production and management. A driven & complex thread that exists through each iteration of product development. As it's refined, purified, tested then launched. A solid MVP is sent to market. Simple and significant.

That's when digital design begins to breathe - when people use, experience & live with a product in their daily lives.

I'm in it for every step of that process, creating digital lifestyle products for people. And occasionally sitting back in amazement at the scale and beauty of it all.


I started out in graphic design, animation and photography, which remain at the core of my work. Now I am equally passionate about strategy and data driven design.

Art Director

Leading the creative process, coaching and mentoring have been part of my career since 2006. I have led all star creative teams for brand departments in UK, Malta and Gibraltar.


I have managed design teams for advertising, software and igaming companies. Contributing strategy, line & project management, workshops and brand presentations to directors.


The tools I use.

I design and prototype the front-end for responsive websites. These tools are at the core of my skill set. I tend to design in-browser, styling and editing graphics as I go. I also use project management apps such as, Jira & Basecamp. And I work with heat mapping algorithms / eye tracking tools.

Adobe CC suite / Topaz / Dfine

HTML5 / CSS3 / Jquery / AS3

Bootstrap / Balsamiq / Marker pens

Cinema 4D / Bryce3D / Daz3D

Atom / Brackets / Notepad++


I teach photography and retouching on location.

I've run fashion photography workshops in stunning places.

As owner of a learning holiday company, we delivered several overseas photography and retouching workshops, attracting participants from the US, Canada, UK & Malta. We involved London PR agents, designers, stylists and top agency models. We've shot on location for a week at a time in Malta, Gozo, Spain and Kenya's East Coast & Maasai Mara.


Producing campaign shoots

I've worked with PR, Styling, Location, Set design and Model agencies during my Advertising and iGaming career. Over fifteen years I've developed close working relationships in these sectors. I'm now able to facilitate, conduct and shoot high-end campaigns, promptly and on realistic budgets, opening major digital & print PR and Ad channels.

Source creative crew

PR and social network exposure

Magazine and digital publication

Lead equipment and tech advice

Management and art direction

Photo, editing & budget control


My work is featured in leading creative industry magazines.

My personal work has appeared in top creative, photography and tech magazines, on front covers and in editorial spreads.

I've contributed image workshops, retouching masterclasses, front covers and educational / editorial spreads to a variety of established publications worldwide.


About Me

I’ve worked as a Digital Designer since 1999. I started out at Astra Zeneca, branding Nexium and building their intranet. I’ve worked on apps, web, print, branding, animation, image & video editing, 3D and UX. My photography and retouching techniques have been published in magazines in the UK, US, South America, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Malta and Kenya. I'm a pixel-perfectionist.

In the last few years I moved further into front end code, designing responsive websites for mobile and devices. I'm familiar with server-side dev as well though I'm focussed on brand, content, visual and experience.

I've always been keen on sophisticated, user-centric design. Bang & Olufsen and Braun have inspired me for as long as I can remember. But I'm not just about Zen minimalism, I thoroughly enjoy broad brush strokes, punchy use of colour and I'm not shy of excess, done well. I want my work to jump out and grab.

During my career I have built and managed world class creative teams. I have managed designers and artists for employers in UK, Malta, Gibraltar and Kenya.

Challenges and top-of-their-game colleagues inspire me. I thrive on problem solving, details and good communication.

Thanks for stopping by.

— Julian


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