Antony Rand

UI, Visual design, HTML/CSS

UX/UI design and code. A mobile first responsive web site for a European architecture firm. As the first reference point for new business the user flow started with property developers entering on search engines, social media and paid advertising. Eliminating friction the site asked for minimumal information with a call to action on email sign up, with emails funneled to the service pages.

The brief included several galleries, slide shows and modal windows, as an image intensive site the bandwidth challenge was to prioritize file sizes for mobile.

The client wanted images on devices to be zoom-able and show hi-rez detail of building materials and surfaces. Also included in the brief was a request for UX to feel seamless, so UI was priority with preloading and smooth page transitions called in.

This was an enticing, slick business portfolio combining a direct "no thought required" UX approach with all the bells and whistles of cutting edge Jquery for the polished feel.




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