Inspecs UK

Creative Direction, Photography, Retouching.

I reached out to Inspecs asking if I could loan a range of their sunglasses for a personal photography project. They kindly sent a dozen Manish Arora frames and I pulled a crew together to style an editorial shoot based on the brand. Inspecs were looking forward to seeing the results of the shoot because the Manish Arora launch at Vision Express Oxford St was only weeks away and didn't yet have a visual marketing campaign in place.

The guys at Inpecs and I were delighted with the final work. They were also a little surprised and asked me to visit their offices in Bath. As chance would have it, my crew had created a set that was close to identical to the Manish Arora product packaging, the patterns and colours were an exact match. And none of us had seen Manish Arora eyewear packaging, it hadn't been released yet.

At the Inspecs offices I was offered the whole visual campaign for the brand and given a couple of other projects too. Soon after, these colourful images were lining Vision Express shops nationwide and large banners hung over Oxford St for the product launch. Later I worked on illustrations for brand as well, as seen below.




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