Art Direction, 3D, Print, Convention Planning.

In this multifaceted role, the main challenge was to unify the input from various departments then execute a plan that addressed the interests of all stakeholders. The solution was realized in a micro-branding campaign that was anchored on the Star Venus character design. This approach brought together the interests of the casino manager and the sales director, we would create a game character and story that could brand a new ITG casino product and utilize this device to promote ITGs presence at London Excel's ICE gaming convention.

The brief that returned from product management outlined a female space adventurer, with rather a lot of sex appeal and a little hooded alien side-kick named "A". I outsourced the alien design to an associate illustrator while taking the Star Venus character from concept to delivery myself.

Running up to the convention date I sourced quality technical vendors to support the ITG ICE presence. And led the design team in preparing the brand characters and copy messages for digital and print initiatives. I also attended the gaming convention in a formal capacity to speak to clients and answer questions about the design support available to affiliates of ITG.




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