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Zoom Away

Photography, Design, HTML/CSS/JQuery

Zoom Away is a project that's involved my participation as creative director. The venture combines my interests in teaching photography with partners in technology and the holiday industry. As an aside to my work in design, I have taught photography since the mid-2000s to corporates and university students. While living in Malta I seized the opportunity to offer my students the combination of a photography course and an exotic holiday. This took one more turn, a corporate client requested a destination outside Europe. So I organized and managed a learning holiday in Kenya, where we would work with established stylists and shoot top African fashion models in the Masai Mara.

This website is a mock up. The goal of the design was to approach the luxury holiday sector, the costs involved in flying specialist crew around the world required large holiday budgets. The market was 40yr+ professionals, senior management and adventurous retires with an interest in photography. Our UX would be a minimal, clean and image-rich experience. This hadn't developed into a package offer, we had to tailor each booking to the client's interests, budget and time allowance. Therefore contact with our staff was of primary importance.




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